Garrison Public House Loyalty Programme is owned and operated by Barworks Group Limited and/or its subsidiaries, nominees, licensees or appointees (collectively referred to as “the Manager”).


Purchases made at Garrison Public House entitle members to earn loyalty points (“Loyalty Points”) in accordance with these terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Loyalty Points are non-transferrable and non-assignable and have no cash value.


It doesn’t cost anything to become a Loyalty Member of Garrison Public House, however you do have to be 18 years of age or over.  When you become a Loyalty Member or when you use your Loyalty Card, you agree to the Terms.  The Manager may alter these from time to time.  If they are changes that affect you, you will be informed.


To become a Loyalty Member of Garrison Public House, you can either sign up online at www.garrisonpub.co.nz or in person at Garrison Public House.  Once signed up, you can start earning and using your Loyalty Points immediately.



All personal details and profile information given to Garrison Public House must be accurate and not misleading.  It is up to individual members to update their information should it change and to ensure that all personal details are up to date at all times.


The Manager may terminate membership of Garrison Public House Loyalty Club at any time with reasonable cause.  Among other reasons, termination may occur if the Terms are not complied with, or Loyalty Club privileges are abused. 



Garrison Public House will issue each Loyalty Member with a Loyalty Card.  Loyalty Cards remain the property of Garrison Public House at all times, and must not be copied or reproduced in any way.  If Loyalty Membership is terminated by Garrison Public House, the Loyalty Card must be returned to the Manager if so requested.


Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Garrison Public House.  If this occurs, the old Loyalty Card will be cancelled and all unused points (as at date card is reported lost or stolen) will be transferred to a new Loyalty Card, along with a replacement card being issued to the Loyalty Member.



Every time a Loyalty Member drinks or dines at Garrison Public House, points can be earned on those purchases.  Just present your card as you pay, and the points will be added to your account. Loyalty Members must present their Loyalty Card at the time of purchase. No Loyalty Points can be added without presenting a valid Loyalty Card.


Loyalty Club members earn 1 reward point for every dollar they spend.  When using Loyalty Points at Garrison Public House, every 8 points equals $1 New Zealand Dollar.  For example, if a Loyalty Member spends $80, they will earn 80 Loyalty Points.  Those 80 reward points are worth $10 when redeemed.  This rate may change without prior notice.


A record of all Loyalty Points earned will be kept in the member’s account maintained on Garrison Public House system.  Loyalty Points cannot be earned on purchases paid for by the redemption of existing Loyalty Points; on “EFTPOS cash-out” transactions; or purchases of specials, promotions or other discounted prices.  Loyalty Points cannot be credited to a members account in arrears, and must be recorded at the time of the purchase.


Any alleged inconsistencies in a Loyalty Member’s account should be reported to the Manager, who will do their best to rectify the situation.  In the case of any dispute, the decision of the Manager is final and binding.



Redemptions of Loyalty Points must be for the full dollar ($) amount of any transaction. Garrison Public House does not do partial redemptions. Loyalty Members should inform staff at Garrison Public House of their intention to pay for a purchase by redemption points before completing payment for the purchase.



If Loyalty Points are added to a Loyalty Member’s account in error or fraudulently, the Manager may deduct those points. If Loyalty Points were earned on a transaction that was later cancelled, refunded or voided, the Manager may deduct those points. Loyalty Points may automatically expire after 12 months if a Loyalty Member’s card has not been active during that time.  Once expired, they will be deducted from the Loyalty Member’s account balance. A Loyalty Member may also be removed from the system after 12 months of inactivity, along with any remaining points balance at the time of cancellation. 



Garrison Public House programme is designed to respect members’ privacy and has policies in place with respect to using data collected from members. On registration each member agrees that the information they have provided can be used by Garrison Public House to deliver information related to the improvement of services at Garrison Public House, the promotion of Garrison Public House Loyalty Programme, or other promotions relating to Garrison Public House.


With regard to email communication the Manager will offer easy opt-out options as stated in the Direct Marketing Code of Practice and the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.


Members are entitled to request (in writing) any personal details held on file in accordance with the Privacy Act (1993).


The Manager or Garrison Public House will not sell or pass on a member’s information to any other company, business or other organisation (unless required to by law). The system may also collect non-personalised information on any website visits. This information includes internet service provider, the time and length of visits, the pages looked at on the websites, and the method by which the site is visited. This information is used only to measure site activity, market research and to develop ideas for improving the websites and loyalty programmes in question.